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Question about Position codes

We are all familiar with the position codes listed on the adult application. There is a much larger list that includes a number of unit committee positions that are listed as No Charge (because you need to be registered as a committee member and pay there). My question is can these codes be entered into Scoutnet as an additional registration and would these populate into the my.scouting positions (I am specifically thinking of Training and Advancement Chairs)
Examples Below

112 Unit Advancement Chair N 122 Unit Secretary N
113 Unit Blue and Gold Chair N 123 Unit Treasurer N
114 Unit Camping / High Adventure N 124 Unit FOS Chair N
115 Unit Chaplain N 125 Unit Health and Safety Chair N
116 Unit Good Turn Chair N 126
Unit Membership/Webelos
Transition Chair N
117 Unit High Adventure Chair N 126U Unit Membership Chair N
118 Unit Outdoors / Activities Chair N 127 Unit Fund-Raising Chair N
119 Unit Popcorn Chair N 128 Unit Training Chair N

In My.Scouting most of these are roles not positions and are administered (based on charter year) through the Organizational Security Manager.

Actually you can only assign about 6 of them in my.scouting.

True - but they are the roles that have a direct effect on access to new functions in My.Scouting. The rest, don’t.

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