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Scoutbook page to add a new position to a Leader’s profile does not include “Unit Participant” as a dropdown choice (Code P from the Registration-Guidebook.pdf, Jul 2019). Is this position only available when submitting an on-line application or can we change a current Committee Member to Participant?

A “Unit Participant” (position code “UP”) is an 18+ adult in a troop with special permission to continue working on Scouts BSA advancements.

I am not sure what kind of “Participant” you are referring to.

Please confirm latest Registration-Guidebook is found using the following link.

My inquiry comes from Page 36, Position Code List for Unit Positions. I do not see position code UP in this guidebook or the description you have described.

@StephenCoates I would recommend that you contact your local council Registrar.

The “Unit Participant” position (position code UP) is relatively new. It is for 18+ in Scouts BSA troops with approved time extensions or special needs. The Registration Guidebook has not been updated to include it. However, you would not be able to take a Committee Member (age 21+) and convert them into a Unit Participant.

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@StephenCoates - I echo what Jennifer says… you dont work backwards and for what ultimate purpose.

Advancement News (Nov-Dec 2019):

Thank you for the reference to the newly defined Unit Participant (Code UP for those registrations between 18 and 21 years old.)

If a parent (>18 years old) wants to participate in unit activities and camp overnight activities, they must be registered in a qualified unit position. For a teacher who has their clearances and will complete YPT to qualify as a Leader for an Eagle service project for example, Scoutbook does not have the code P to add their role. Our last District Roundtable led us to believe the new registration (re-registering) process will allow for an adult “Participant”.

That is more of a question for council to get their clarification



This person should register as an Assistant Scoutmaster, Committee Member, or Unit Scouter Reserve.


@StephenCoates - what Ed has stated are your only real choices for those adult registrations

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Keep in mind Committee Members must be 21+ (I think). Also, background check/screening requirements are not necessarily transferrable between entities. For example, here in CA, you have to do a separate AB 506 process for every entity (BSA, youth sports, etc). Again, all good topics to discuss with your council registrar.

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@CharleyHamilton - you are right that MC is 21 or older… in my case mmmuuuuccchh older

Each chartered unit of the Boy Scouts of America must be supervised by a unit committee, consisting of three or more qualified adults, 21 years of age or older, selected by the organization with which the unit is connected or, in the case of a unit chartered to a group of individuals, selected from those who make …


Those 18-20 can register as an Assistant Scoutmaster or Unit College Scouter Reserve.


Thanks all for your feedback.

Our council has clarified the use of Unit Scouter Reserve (where we most frequently only use Assistant Scoutmaster, Committee Member). I do see the 91U code in Scoutbook to add the Unit Scouter Reserve as a role, if needed.

@StephenCoates - they will need an adult application and criminal background check

Looking at Scoutbook for Leadership roles is not the place to look - is the official roster


My son is registered as a Unit Participant, due to a disability. The condition had to verified with documentation. For a number of years, he was registered as a youth member. About 5 or 6 years ago, National decided that age-exempted participants needed to take YPT if they were over age 18. The UP category was created then to flag these participants to keep YPT updated.

The UP membership obviously doesn’t apply to the situation described by the original poster.

Ya’ll be safe out there!

July 2023 rules Microsoft Word - Rules_Regulations_July2023.docx (

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