Question on viewing former Scout awards

My older son dropped out of his Troop about 2 years ago. I’m still connected to him in Scoutbook, but I can’t view any of his historical information other than patrol and den memberships.

Is this no longer accessible once they are no longer registered or am I missing something? Should I just remove the connection?

If you need to see his awards, you can add a new membership with his former troop. Once he has a current membership, the membership will be unapproved, but you shout still be able to access his reports again. When you are done, you can put an end date on the membership.

I don’t understand why we can’t just view our children’s information. Any parent should be able to go back and see historical data for their Scout without extra steps like that.

Thanks for the response.

Scoutbook needs a membership in a unit to determine how to display information. I’ll add an item to the backlog to allow read only access to this data when the Scout is not in a unit.

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Thanks Ed. I hope I’m not the only one who would like to go back and see my child’s Scouting career and what they earned. One other item that used to be an issue is that when they move to Scouts BSA there is no option to see their Cub Scout awards. Being able to see both their Cub Scout awards and Scouts BSA awards would be nice. Thanks.


You can get the Cub Scout History Report when the Scout is no longer in Cub Scouts. This won’t have the graphics but it will list all completion dates.

If you are a key 3, you can look up any scout’s Cub Scout or Scouts BSA history report using their bsa member number at my dashboard > reports menu > Cub Scout/Scouts BSA History Report

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