Needs Purchasing Report Error

Volunteer Scouter reached out to me about an error he’s encountering with Scoutbook Needs Purchasing Report. Scouts were marked as completed on summer camp merit badges, but when he goes to print the needs purchasing report, they do not show up despite being marked approved. Some scouts show up who did the badge, while others do not, which is what has brought the question to us. Any assistance would be of help.

You would have to give info like BSA # and merit badges. It is most likely something very simple. Is that user connected to those scouts with at least view Advancements?

128956073 - Mammal Study & Rifle Shooting; Hawk Mountain Council #528, Troop 597

Yes he is, as he is a Unit Admin for the Troop.

Those are sitting on a PO for Crew 22 - So SB is working properly - the crew just added items Troop approved

My “did you try rebooting it” question in this context is to suggest going to

Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → Unit XXX → Unit Roster → Scouter’s name

then select the Unit Admin role, make sure the Position Approved box is checked, then click the red “Update” button.

Although the Unit Admin role may look OK, sometimes they end up glitched “behind the curtain”, and this resets it. The work-around it path-dependent, so the scouter can’t just go to My Dashboard → Administration → My Positions and try it.

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