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Quick Entry for Awards - List of Scouts

It would be cool if when using the “Quick Entry for Awards” portion of scoutbook it would only show those scouts that DO NOT yet have the award. So that when I go to do a “Quick Entry for Awards” I am not having to click into each scout and make sure if they’ve gotten the award yet or not.

@banning - I can see that as a point, but at the very least it will not overwrite those that have it or at least that is my understanding.

totally… i think the big issue i have with doing it that way is that is jacks with the “Awarded” date … so the next time we have COH I don’t get an accurate report of whats been awarded and what hasn’t.

i’ll have to test but im thinking the last time i did this and was like ok it’ll change the dates that fine… it removed the awarded date.

ok cool i just tested and it doesn’t remove the awarded date so maybe im ok… it just updated the completed date so then all of those will be off BUT that should be ok i think… i mean its not ideal but i can live with it


I believe you have found a bug. QE is not supposed to overwrite completion dates. I’ll report this to the developers.

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Just got to thinking this would also be nice cause then i could see who all doesn’t have their totin chip… same way for other awards


I looked through the backlog and there is an item to gray out Scouts who have already completed an award. We do not know if or when the BSA will schedule this for implementation.


Just in case it’s not already in the user story, can you include that awards which can be earned more than once (e.g. Cyber Chip) shouldn’t be grayed out, or should at least present some alternative to allow them to be “earned again”? I recognize awards like that are something of an edge case, but it might be easier to consider it in the original design, even if it the different handling can’t be implemented out of the box. At least considering how that case might be implemented when implementing the “base cases” could make it easier to actually implement the special case later.

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