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Scout giving himself awards

I am in the process of migrating our records from troopmaster to scoutbook. When I got into it I have discovered a scout has beat me to it and given himself some awards and a couple of merit badges. I am deleting those awards until I get the documentation but I need to know how I can fix it so he (and other scouts) are prevented from giving themselves awards?

@MarkCash - the only thing a scout can do is mark things as complete just like marking in the handbook.

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Yes - it is just like a scout saying he is ready to have something reviewed

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I still think that changing the name of that from “Completed” to “Ready for review” (or equivalent phrasing) would make a lot of these comments go away. I recognize I’m assuming that would be “Dilbert Easy”, but folks seem to have a lot of dissatisfaction about that nomenclature, and I wonder how much goodwill such a change could buy.


A scout is trustworthy
Why would you delete something without confirmation from the scout?

@MarkCash, are these items that a Scout marked “Complete,” but no leader has marked “Approved,” or awards that have been marked Approved?

The reason I ask the question is that all of the awards you have previously entered in Internet Advancement (IA) should already appear as “Approved” in Scoutbook since they are now using the same database. If you delete a award that you previously entered into IA, that will remove it from IA as well.

We haven’t been good about entering things in IA before I got involved with the troop. We had pretty solid paper trails because the troop made everybody use worksheets (and not bluecards), and awards were put into IA haphazardly as they were earned (or not put in at all). I got in to scoutbook and started bringing everything up to date and found this scout entered numerous things as of Aug 1 of this year and they are shown as “completed” “Leader Approved/Recorded” and “Awarded”

He may have completed the requirements (I highly doubt one in particular), but they haven’t been “leader approved/recorded” nor “awarded” in the troop!

@MarkCash - could you post some screen shots if possible of the leader approved and awarded ?

yes it should say who did it Like this

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Donovan, you make me feel stupid now. I thought the legend at the bottom showing the check marks were the actual leader approved/awarded.

no the 3 things that show my name is simple Audit data - so you know who took an action

Okay, now that we have my ignorance firmly established, where then do we as leaders actually mark things off as “leader approved/recorded” and “awarded?” has many great videos

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lol…just found it where you suggested while waiting. I just need to hit the quick entry tab at the top.

Thank you, and everybody else, I would be completely lost without you!

@MarkCash - welcome to scoutbook and the forums. Do not ever hesitate to ask questions, seek advice or just chat.

Mark, we all take turns being ignorant. :slight_smile:

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