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Quick Edit area just disappeared

I am starting to use Scout Book and it is far from being intuitive.

Anyway, at one time I found the “Quick Edit” feature…but now it is gone.

Scoutbook has a Quick Entry option, but not a Quick Edit. Whether or not you see it depends on your positions / roles in the unit.

Well…I could see it at one point, then I could not find it again.

Sorry if I didn’t use the correct vernacular. Since I can’t find it I don’t know what it is called.

This software was released before it was fully tested. I don’t advise anyone to use it.

I do not know your positions / roles in your unit, but Quick Entry is available on the main unit (pack / troop / crew / ship) page and also the sub-unit (den / patrol / crew) pages.

@AndrewDegraff - I would suggest that you review you post after thinking about the scout oath and law and at that time sport we will chat again…got it

Are you trying to enter advancement for a single den? A single scout? An entire pack or troop? Are you a pack/den/troop/patrol admin?

Working on Troop, for summer camp merit badges or anything. The quick edits/entry function is no where to be found. I saw it the other day…but now is gone.

@AndrewDegraff, when you go to:

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Positions

Which positions / roles do you have under “My Current Positions & Roles”? Not all adult leader positions have access to Quick Entry.

I’m Asst Scoutmaster. But the real question is: Why did I have it…then it dissappear???

I am not sure. Were you also a Troop Admin or Patrol Admin?

Where is support? Are they not reading these forums?

Correct, @AndrewDegraff. The SUAC (volunteers like @JenniferOlinger) watch the forum, but none of the actual developers watch them.

@AndrewDegraff - I would be willing to run a screen share to look at the issue. It would have to be after 9pm EST or in the am. So if that works please email me at and I can set the session up.

What are the conditions that must be met in order for Quick Entry to appear for a user? Should I just open a formal ticket?

@AndrewDegraff - I did offer to run a screen share to look at the issue. I can only guess that you do not wish to work with me to understand the issue or that you will work this out on your own. Based on what you have posted there is a lack of detail to arrive at a conclusion… evidence is key here.

Member Care will not be able to help with this issue.

What is your position in the unit? Are you troop/pack admin or den/patrol admin? Are there green shields next to your positions?

As Stephen said, we need more information to help you with this problem.

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I logged into Scoutbook today and all of my Quick Entry items are gone as well as the Black Pug Import. This has been reported by several people on the Scoutbook forums. I am the Scoutmaster and Troop Admin. I have been using these features for months. This earliest report of this seems to be from 22 days ago. Anybody been able to solve this problem??

This has occurred for me today as well.

This is what I see on my pc with the extension installed.