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You’re welcome. Someone had mentioned iPhone Quick Entry was not present and just wanted to verify it wasn’t system-wide for troubleshooting help.

Dawn - there is a server indentification directly below the Scoutbook at the bottom of the page you sent the screen shot of. There has apparently been a feature extension issue with some of the servers. Copy and paste the server and see if we are on the same one. (I can’t see it, it is extremely light in color, but I found it with my mouse)

There is a conversation going on in the Scoutbook Feature Extension forum about this. If you can, reply there.

Juliana–Mine is the same as yours. AWSWEBSCTBK3C

Those not having a problem seem to be on 1A and 1C

We need to know if you are using the extension or not. If it isn’t extension related we have to isolate the issue.

How do I know if I’m using an extension? I am a complete idiot when it comes to computer technical jargon. All I know is that ScoutBook is not working the way it was a couple weeks ago when I used quick entry to enter stuff after summer camp. I’m using a Mac so perhaps that’s the problem (although it worked before).

Hi, @WilliamByrd,

You would need to have installed the Feature Assistant Extension intentionally, so my first guess would be that you aren’t using it.

Can you post a screenshot (Take a screenshot on your Mac - Apple Support) from your machine to show what you’re seeing from your My Dashboard → My Units where you expect to see the Quick Entry button?

There was a recent bug fix that took the quick entry menus away from non-Leader parents. It’s possible that fix introduced a bug. For those who had it disappear, please provide your positions according to my dashboard > administration > my account > my positions. Also, please confirm that all positions have a green shield by them.

I installed the Feature Assistant Extension when I added the black pug import.

I also have had a scout recently added to my troop via parent. This scout is going to be transferring to our troop from another council and is not currently on our roster yet. Mom added me to see his stuff and gave me full control with his. Not sure if that matters or not, but I believe that was asked.

I also get different server identifications when I log on with different devices. I have logged on 2 different laptops (tried under Chrome and Internet Explorer), on my ipad and through my phone (android).

I also went through and clicked “agree to join the unit leader roster”. I did this yesterday, however, I just went in there and had to do it again. Went in a 3rd time and it is unchecked again. Not sure if this is an big deal or not.

OK @DawnSelly I have not read all threads but can you try one thing for us - Can you open you SM and Admin positions - then just click update for both without making any changes (do make sure the approved switch is on if you see it

The box is unchecked every time I go back in there, even after I click the box and hit update. I do not see and approved switch.

yeah the approved switch is weird when you are an admin - as you are basically approving it yourself with your actions -

But did you click update on both of those with no change then? @DawnSelly?

We might need a screenshare set up to look at this

yes, clicked update every time and on all positions. Every time, it does not save.

@DawnSelly what do you mean it does not save? do you get a Whoops?

The missing QE and Reports menu issues are being looked into by development. This being Sunday it may be a couple of days before it is fixed.

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After the saving spinny (sp?) thing is done circling, it just goes back to an unchecked box at “I agree to join the unit leader roster”. It does not stay checked. Every time I have to check that box again.

I don’t know if this would be helpful information or not, but I thought I would share. I checked with my committee chair and she still has Quick Entry on hers. However, she wouldn’t have added the Feature Assistant Extension.

This is exactly the same thing that is happening to me. I am the Scoutmaster and unit admin and it does not save the check in the box for “agree to join the unit leader roster.”