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In ScoutBook, a rank is awarded automatically and prematurely at 100 percent complete when the BOR checkbox is checked, along with other reqs, except the SM conf is not checked (or done) yet. This hasn’t happened in the past for us, is this a bug or new feature? I have to remove the BOR checkbox to remove the completion.

Scoutbook does not require underlying requirements to be marked complete to set an overall award complete. For ranks, the BSA defines the rank complete when the Board of Review is complete, thus by putting a completion date in the BOR field, you are saying the rank is complete.

Scoutbook is working correctly.


The board of review (BOR) is the last requirement and is the effective date of rank. If the BOR requirement is entered, then the rank will be marked as completed overall.

Scoutbook does not require all individual requirements to be marked off in Scoutbook, because many users prefer to do that in the Scout’s physical Handbook and just mark the rank as completed overall in Scoutbook.

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Ok thanks for the info, is this a new update. For years our ASMs have marked the BOR checkbox without the rank completing.

BSA IT probably did that nearly 2 years ago - to ensure BOR Date was the date recorded - to match the GTA.


It may have used that date to match, but checking the BOR box didn’t complete the rank. We have done it that way always. Someone had to click the complete button to complete the rank and enter a date, which may have needed to be the same or after the BOR date, that check might have been done 2 years ago. If we had boxes checked such as BOR or other reqs, it didn’t complete unless all were checked OR I clicked the Complete button and selected a date. Now only checking the BOR box completes the entire rank, reqardless of missing checkboxes, that should not be. Also, try this - if you check the BOR box for any rank it completes it, even if the prior ranks are not completed. Seems like the system should not let that happen, you can’t earn a higher rank without earning lower ones.

Why would the date of rank be after the board of review date? They should be the same date, because the BOR is the last requirement to be completed.


@MichelleDe_Armas The Scout Is Reviewed
After completing all the requirements for a rank, except
Scout rank, a Scout meets with a board of review. For
Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, and Life ranks,
members of the unit committee conduct it. See “Particulars
for Tenderfoot Through Life Ranks,” The Eagle
Scout board of review is held in accordance with National
Council and local council procedures. Purpose and Timeliness of Boards
of Review
After a Scout has completed the requirements for any rank
(except Scout rank), he or she appears before a board of
review. A board of review must be a personal and
individual experience. Its purpose is to determine the
quality of the Scout’s experience and decide whether the
requirements for the rank have been fulfilled. If so, the
board not only approves the Scout’s advancement but also
provides encouragement to continue the quest for the next
rank. Because the board of review date becomes the
effective advancement date, boards should be scheduled
promptly as Scouts are ready or set up on a regular basis
that assures Scouts are not delayed in beginning time-
oriented requirements for the next rank.

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The change for that forced the Board of Review Date to match the completion date was released April 30, 2020. Prior to that change, the BOR and completion dates could be different, however, as has been previously stated, the BSA advancement group wanted these dates to match.

The Scoutbook implementation released on April 30, 2020 was to mark the rank complete when the BOR requirement was marked complete and to use the same date for both.


Correct. You can’t have a BOR for the higher before the lower ones as well. They can, though, be on the same night (this is Tenderfoot to 1st Class). They do recommend different board members.

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@MichelleDe_Armas - and why would one have a BoR for non-earned ranks and more importantly why mark them in the system

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