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Removed an erroneous rank award - Scoutbook reinstated it

Before posting this, I went through all the posts and followed the suggestions for how to correct an erroneous rank advancement.

I have a Scout who is awaiting his BOR for Second Class. However, in Scoutbook, it shows that he completed the BOR (and that I supposedly approved it). Because the BOR is checked approved, it shows he earned Second Class, which he hasn’t. I tried unchecking the Leader Approved box and deleting the date for both the BOR and the rank awarded block, but each time I exit his advancement page, Scoutbook automatically restores both bad entries. I have tried changing the sequence in which I remove the approval dates and the leader approved check, but nothing seems to work.

Does someone know a solution?

Chuck Olson
Troop 463 Sandy Springs, GA

Did you clear the BOR “Leader Approved” check box, or just the Rank check box?

Both. Tried reversing the sequence. It cleared but after I hit save, it went back as approved.

The BOR and final date setup is something previous advancement forced on SB that has been troublesome. Let me play with it again. Probably you are going to have to send email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org

@CharlesOlson - ok here is the trick I think - clear a non-BOR requirement like SMC - then you can clear the overall approval and then the BOR

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That worked, but with an extra step. After I cleared the non-BOR requirement (I chose service hours), I then cleared the date awarded and saved it, then went back in and cleared the BOR and saved it. This time it seems to have taken as the rank is showing that it is not earned.

Thank you for the suggestion. Interesting quirk.


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