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Ranks not showing

I have recently been encouraged to try the Scouting app again. I had abandoned it in favor of Scoutbook.com

I uploaded it to my phone again and tried looking at my Cub Scout son’s profile.

He was new to Webelos this year and earned his bobcat right away. Our Pack doesn’t use Scoutbook, and I don’t think our new advancement chair has even entered any advancement anywhere. (except maybe actual paperwork at our council which has not been processed due to Covid-19) I was able to approve his Bobcat rank and it is awaiting approval (which won’t happen because they don’t use Scoutbook)

Since my son has not been put into a den in Scoutbook, I am unable to enter any advancement that way.

In the Scouting App, the Webelos rank advancements are not listed, instead, when I look at the Webelos Rank, I appear to be seeing the requirements for a Tiger belt loop having to do with knights.

I assume this means that the Scouting App is also useless for my son?

I will still look at it for my Scouts BSA Scouts, I just thought I’d check here to see if I understand this correctly.

Yes, the reason that it isn’t working correctly for your Webelos Scout is because your son’s pack has not set up dens in Scoutbook. Scoutbook and the Scouting mobile app both need to know the type of den in order to know which requirements a Cub Scout is working on.


@AngelaKoch - that is actually critical to cub scout tracking is that they must be assigned to dens based on the grade/age level. Not such an important factor for non-cubbies.

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That’s the part where ScoutBook is still essential, the admin setup by leaders so parents can use the Scouting app. When used in tandem, it’s gotten better. If you need some screenshots from a parent’s perspective when the setup through ScoutBook has been performed, let me know. I can get some shots from my son’s record in Scouting app.

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