Recharter 2023 Updates - New Documentation?

Will there be a new recharter instructions that addresses the changes for 2024? With people now rechartering on their anniversary date rather than en masse, guidance would be helpful. I have not even wanted to go past the opening screen if fear of messing it up. Also what is the Opt Out Function and who has control? Thank You.

It’s really not that different for this year other than some members already being paid… and even that isn’t different from last year.

I am 100% sure that will be the case, but the opening screen gives a warning that may be unclear. We all know it is 12 months, but does starting the process set the ‘new default duration’ of the the day started? This is unclear. Confirm seems to indicate that it is important.

Do we know how the OPT Out Function works and who has permission to use it?

I think an update is warranted. I know I’ll get questions from people in my district.


12 months from the current expiration date. If you unit expires 12/31/23, after recharter it will expire 12/31/24.

I am not aware of an opt out option

It is included on rosters in I have unit Key 3 and District Commissioner permissions and it tells me I don’t have rights to the feature. Who does and what does it do precisely?

The Not Symbol only is active for persons that need to recharter in this cycle and not for persons after August 1st. A couple of people have asked me but I cannot find anything on it.

It is my understanding only that person is able to “opt out” and it is not editable at the unit level.

And “opt out” is a way to not be automatically billed every year at renewal time. You must manually select to renew when your time comes. (There will be reminder emails, much like YPT expiration now.)

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So, I plan to follow-up with my council as well, but I had an observation and two questions on these two posts.

As a Key 3 Delegate (functional role), when I click on the “Opt out” symbol :no_entry_sign: next to a name in the official roster at my.scouting, it serves this pop-up:

I verified that I get the pop-up whether or not it’s for myself/my scout or another leader or scout. That seems to suggest that, as a Key 3 Delegate, I can execute this change. I canceled-out of the box, since I don’t want to toggle the state on a setting that I don’t clearly understand. So, I can’t confirm whether there would be an error message if I had selected OK for someone other than me or my scout (or even for us).

That behavior implies (to me) that the state can be toggled by a Key 3/Key 3 Delegate from the unit roster in my.scouting, but possibly not by other registered scouters in the unit. Since parents/guardians don’t (generally) have access to the unit roster at my.scouting (except through a registered or functional position), I don’t see how they would be served that interface.

Is that the intended function (i.e. Key 3/Key 3 Delegates can toggle the Opt out setting)?

I’m not finding anywhere at my.scouting (or at advancements.scouting), aside from the unit roster as described above, where I would be able to select “opt out”, either for my scout or even for myself. Our recharter period has opened (i.e. the Recharter button has appeared for our unit), so that shouldn’t be playing a role, as far as I can tell.

Is there supposed to be somewhere that the non-Key 3 parents/guardians are meant to find the “opt out” option, but I’m just missing it?

I realize y’all might not actually know more than I do here (or be able to disclose it even if you do). I’m just hoping that, if the observed behavior is incorrect, that can be confirmed and it can get reported up the chain to the developers.

And while I’m here, Santa, I’d like a pony. :^)

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@CharleyHamilton - i’ll work on that pony for you

Charlie -

As I understand it, yes, K3 and K3D do have access. And “normal” folks will have access through the "My Applications " screen, once the whole process is live for everyone (which last I heard is March 2024). Some people may have it now, if they have applied as new members since October 1st.

Got it. Thanks for the clarification, @RonaldBlaisdell.

@Stephen_Hornak, no worries. Looks like Ronald had an extra on hand. :^)

Hey Everyone! Just to confirm, the “opt out” button is to not automatically bill families, instead they would have to manually pay. Would we select this option if units will be paying for youth and adults?
This will not remove them from the roster, correct? This will take effect 12/2024 as our units recharter date is 12/31/23. But they will receive a payment email since they have not yet made an individual payment.