Recharter Option Gone

I’ve finally finished getting all of my adult leaders YPT updated. I went to to submit my recharter, but it appears that the Recharter option is no longer there (neither is the Roster option)

Did I miss the boat? There is no information that I could find about manually submitting recharter documents on the commissioner recharter site. What do I do next?

@JasonWorswick - what was your charter expiration date ? If it was December of 2023 i think you are well past that.

The loss of these items to some user is a bug that is being worked on

Oh, that’s good to hear. I was searching all over for the old recharter paperwork but couldn’t find it on anymore and didn’t know what to do next.

@DonovanMcNeil My Charter expires 3/31, when will I see the Recharter module?

you are supposed to see 60 days before but i think councils have some control @mitchelr123