Recharter adding a new member: Birthday field doesnt work

Trying to recharter and add an existing member who did not inport in. To add a new member you must add a birthday. However, the birthday calendar only goes back to January 1, 1980, and there for cannot add older birthdays.

@JessicaStepp - i do not think i would recommend doing recharter on a phone.

@Stephen_Hornak Are you saying the calendar goes back farther on desktop?

I use my phone almost exclusively for scouting stuff. So, I get where Jessica is coming from.

@jacobfetzer - i honestly do not know, but find navigation easier on the pc. I have not had to manually add anyone in recharter

I do agree that there are some things that just are not optimized for phone.

@JessicaStepp Could you post the BSA member number of the person you’re trying to add?

(No names, please)

@JessicaStepp - is this an adult you are trying to add ?

I am attempting to add an adult. I will log in today through a desktop to see if it resolves the issue.

@JessicaStepp - was there a paper application submitted prior? I also make sure to click on refresh roster as well. Perhaps post the BSA id