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Recharter Dual Position Issue

A committee chair and a chartering org rep are the same person. Each is being charged. The system is not allowing one to be recognized as a multiple of the other in the same unit. Is there any advice on how to handle?

Thank you!

Can you provide the bsa member number of the individual trying to submit recharter and the unit this is for?


He is also the chartering organization representative for a number of other units Within the church we are with.

@BRIANCOLTON That is an individual who is to be the COR and CC of the same unit? But you are being charged double? Which unit?

Correct. Crew 2097. He is also a multiple in the two troops and pack that are associated with the church. But we were able to list him as a multiple in the other units without issue since the crew was selected as his primary paying unit… this is the issue he ran into.

Thank you. I have reported this to the developers.

Thank you. There are a large, large number of smaller units in BSA that I’m sure this will be an issue with. I’m surprised it wasn’t considered.

We are having the same issue with our Pack. I am both COR & CC and it is charging me for both positions. I’ve reached out to our Council registrar, but haven’t heard back. Other than this, my recharter is ready to go. Is there anything I can do to fix this?