No recharter option

I’m the Committee Chair for my Pack. Happy to get into more detail, but I’m the only one that can really do the recharter (Cubmaster isn’t readily available, COR is new/isn’t fully onboarded yet).

I don’t see the Recharter link at all. I’ve done it in the past and my role hasn’t changed over the last two years (and last two recharters). We’re being asked to push this through, regardless of some pending changes…

Can anyone help/advise why i don’t see it and/or how to get it back so that I can push the recharter through?

Hmmmm - not sure - what do you see when you go to do you see your unit info there and the unit tools?

@BrianSmith23 try logging out and back in please

@BrianSmith23 What happened is that you have 2 BSA member ID numbers, and you had the wrong one set as “primary” at my.scouting. I have fixed this.

Try waiting about an hour and see if you see the Recharter link in Internet Advancement 2.0. You might have to wait overnight for everything to sync up.

Yep! That worked! I see it now…thank you very much.

Oh…well then. That doesn’t seem good. Is there a way to merge the two accounts into one? I’m guessing that I had one from when I was a youth and then when I signed up to be an adult leader for my kids, I got a new one?

There is no merging - they are managed - go to > click Menu > click Manage Member ID - keep your registered one Primary

@BrianSmith23 I would recommend contacting your council Registrar and ask them to use their Recharter tools to look up your Scout with first initial M. Under “User Relationships”, he is connected to you with the wrong (secondary) BSA member ID number. They should fix it so that M. is connected to you with your primary BSA member ID number, which is the same as your Committee Chair number.

@BrianSmith23 No, this new BSA member ID number was created in 2019 when M. registered as a Cub Scout.