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Recharter Error - Whoops! It looks like we were unable to generate your charter for signature

I am experiencing a similar issue - paying by check and using a firefox browser. What is the resolution

@HaroldRice Please provide yourself bsa member number and the unit you are attempting to recharter.

Troop 976 (OLGC School) 132341775

@HaroldRice can you try in Incognito window? In case it is some extension you have on?

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Hello - Yes, your suggestion worked and I successfully submitted. Thank you

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@HaroldRice can you look and see what extensions you have? I can make a private message to share them. Best bet is an ad blocker or something like that

Yes that resolved the issue. Thank you

@DonovanMcNeil - we should pass that over @SarahNorman -

There are 2 add-ons enabled - privacy badger and enhancer for you tube. I hope this helps


Thank you @Stephen_Hornak. I think our units with this issue were able to submit with the last fix! But I will keep it in mind if we have others that run into the same problem!

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