Recharter Functionality with New Yearly Individual Memberships

It may be time for the mods to close this thread

The problem is that the folks who have the ability to effect change are not here. They are the council professional staff who can push these issues directly up to the national level staff. If we (as unit-level volunteers) want to get heard about this, we have to convince them that it’s an issue. If your DE is blowing you off, you have you go over their head to the scout exec. If your council professionals all blow you off, then maybe it’s time for us to (collectively) break out stamps and envelopes and physically write national with the concerns (and the explanation that they’re getting this directly because the council blew off the local volunteer concerns).

It’s not that nobody agrees, it’s that nobody on these boards has the ability to make that change happen.

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Or mods could get someone knowledgeable to respond accurately. Questions haven’t been fully answered so the thread shouldn’t be closed until they are.

@SteveFerguson - not sure how many times i havd to repeat that the forums are volunteer run. The folks you want to reach are not on the forums.

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Moderators are just volunteers too. We have no contacts in this area. Your local council is your point of contact for membership and recharter.


What about SUAC channel to MST dev team for a feature request for managing yearly memberships?

Thats what I’m interested in: tools to practically manage these memberships, payment status, reminders, and how it affects recharter.

@SteveFerguson - National has figured out how to handle the bank accounts of the 250-odd councils in the BSA so they can collect the “program fees” – but when you say 40,000 units, that takes it to a whole 'nother level of complexity!

I have heard they are working on unit dues in Scoutbook using PayPal - but that is managed directly by the unit.

I can tell you that 50+ years ago when I was a scout, you paid your dues to your Den Mother or Patrol Leader each week or month, and it went into a small brown envelope which went to the unit Treasurer.