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Can't validate recharter - error message says no Executive Officer

Thank you to everyone who answered my previous question! Based on your advice, I contacted our council registrar and she entered the new Executive Officer for our troops.

I can see the Exec. Off. listed in our rosters on the rechartering site. However, when I select “validate and pay” I get an error message saying we don’t have an Exec Off. The registrar suggested I refresh the roster, close out the program and log in again. No luck.
I still can’t validate.

Any suggestions???

Screen Shot #2 11.45.11 AM copy.pdf (336.1 KB)

@LauraJeanmougin try adding the IH again - even if listed twice

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Thanks for the suggestion! I gave it a try. This time the error was that the info didn’t match the member id. Do you have any other ideas I can try?
Screen Shot #3 2021-11-22 at 1.57.34 PM copy.pdf (350.2 KB)

@LauraJeanmougin - I am not sure that date of birth is helping although I am way older than that :slight_smile:

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Yeah that looks like a default DOB - what is the BSA #? - I bet your council needs to fix DOB

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Thanks, I will contact them. I appreciate your help, BSA # is 137503185.

Well, that was a no-go. My rechartering registrar said the default birthdate is what she has given all the other new IHs and we are the only one with a problem.

I really don’t have any idea what to do next, or who to talk to. Any ideas?

@LauraJeanmougin I can setup a quick screenshare

that would be great! what do I need to do?

I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

Thank you for the time you spent on the call with me.

I think I may have figured out how my error message disappeared. It appears that all or some of my other changes are gone now too. I suspect the registrar may have deleted or reset something.

Now the charters that I validated are incorrect. Ugh

Confirmed. The registrar reset the charter. Too bad she didn’t tell me that. Now we have a mess to untangle.

yes, in order to “see” anyone who was added after starting the recharter process, the registrar MUST delete and you start again. The Refresh button isn’t working as expected. We just found out on Monday. I am a registrar and now tasked with looking at about 100 charters to see who had new scouts/scouters added.

Refresh button does nothng. If council has added anyone to the roster after recharter was started, registrar must delete and the unit has to start again. I just found out Monday. Now I get to look at 100 units to see who gained scouts after starting. Unhappy registrar face…

It is great to have a registrar on the forums!

I have a question that you maybe have heard info on. What about the next case of new members - those added after we get the new charter signed, but before it is “posted”? That has caused issues in the past, any word? Should we try to “hold off” and new registrations? I have been holding our charter’s submit for that very reason. Trying to prevent the next round of unhappy registrar faces.

Also, if a charter is truly “all green” and “auto-posts” does that mean on 1/1/22 or 1/3/22 it will be active?

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