Recharter Posted... Now What?

This is my first time being involved in running a Pack in any way and all of our old leadership is gone (we’re an overseas Pack, and people returned to the States en masse, long story). So I’m trying to get a handle on all of this stuff all while also trying to run our Pack. Anyway, our Recharter just got posted and now I’m wondering how long it will take for all of our new scouts and leaders to show up on the online tools (my.scouting, scoutbook, internet advancement, etc). I want to start getting things organized in there and using the tools as much as possible, but don’t know what the next steps are. Thanks for the help!

It’s really up to how long with your council. Mine took about 2 weeks (first time recharting as well). I would give it some time and go in and check about a week out. You can always contact the registrar or your DE to check on the progress. Chances are the registrar is taking on this overwhelming task alone.

“Posted” does not mean complete. It means that Council has completed its part, and is now waiting for National. Mine took another 2 days after “Posted” to be complete. You can check in - Organization Manager - Download Charter Certificate to see when your charter is finalized.

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Background Check Processing

If I remember corectly “posting” the unit application/recharter and background check processing were indepenant processes. I do not know if that has changed in the logic of this recharter season’s software.

Primary delay for adult volunteers can be the time to process the background check, 1 to 6 weeks?, I have heard for most people it is 3 weeks or less. This can affect new units and recharters if a key-3 person’s background check is delayed.

If I remember correctly the Scout Executive / BSA national can waive the background check for active-duty, police, etc. personnel whose occupation requires a more in depth check and whose personal information must remain confidental for government secutity reasons.

2022-02-01-B DRAFT

(This is really more of a reply to @Matt.Johnson in this thread but I can’t reply there.)

This is totally a guess, but given that many BSA processes were defined years ago, I believe the term “posted” has a dated meaning.

  • In the modern sense, we think of a blog or social media post being posted when it’s done.
  • However, in the not too distant past, council offices regularly sent mail bags to the national office, and my assumption is that a posted charter was one who’s paperwork was processed by a council and sent to the national office for final processing and issue. That is, posted through the good’ol USPS. But the charter wouldn’t be complete until the certificate came back in the return mail bag.

I’m not sure what happens behind the scenes with our modern technology. But it sounds like there’s still a step that national has to take (even if it’s just perfunctory), which explains the difference between a posted charter and a complete or issued (or whatever they’re called) one.

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Well, for what it’s worth when I’m looking at the Organization Manager there’s now a link in the top-right corner that says “Download Charter Certificate” and the certificate is there, saying we’ve been chartered. The Recharter button on the Internet Advancement site is also now gone, so I can no longer see the “Your Recharter Has Been Posted” message. Still waiting for our new scouts and leaders to be added to the roster; our Council registrar said that could take 24-48 hours, so we’ll see.

Thanks y’all!

Once the council “posts” a charter it should show up in
Depending on the tool you use (like Scoutbook) it may take a day or two to reflect the new charter.