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Can someone please help me get my new Key three input in the system so I can move on from this. Seems that I haven’t had much help from the council.
I need to get an existing Scout put in as a leader.
When I use his Member ID it says his First Name, Last Name or date of birth doesn’t match.
I just don’t see how this is possible. He was only born once with one name. Why does this even matter if I’m putting in his Id number.
Anyways I can’t get him added as the Charter Org Rep, Executive officer or the Committee Chair, because of all this. This plus getting my Charter Org changed has been the only thing holding us up.
Any suggestions would be great.

On existing Scouts to Adults - we THINK the best way is not to add as existing (in the database they are still youth so recharter defines them as youth) - but rather add them as a new member - uploading the application / cbc

Not sure if an 18 year old can be COR, or chair - hmmm - would have to look into that

In a troop the only positions a 18 year old can be is:
Assistant Scoutmaster
Unit College Scouter Reserve

You have to be 21 to be CC, or COR
You will need to contact your local council to find out if he can be considered an Executive Officer.

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Person we are adding is 30.
I’ve been working on this for days.
Not sure why it’s so hard to add someone.
Once I get him in he will be all 3 so we can move on. We are a small Troop so I don’t have enough leaders or money to spread all these rolls out.

This is what confused everyone. They were thinking they had just been a Scout and was turning 18. I assume you meant Scouter?

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