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Recharter Problem when moving a 18-21 Scout to and adult postion in a Troop

I currently have these problems with Troop Rechartering

Changing a 18-21 Participant to Unit College Scouter Reserve or Ast Scoutmaster

Adults 18-21 in Troops should pay the adult fee, not the Scout fee

I also have two Scouts incorrectly listed with a fee of $99.96. Both Bridged in April 2021.

Chip Galloway
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almost always when there are Cents involved it means a council fee. You cannot move from a participant to an Adult; it requires YPT, CBC and application. Is best to remove the member and add a new one. If they are 18-20 participants, that is a scout position

There is no Council fee. Program has accepted YPT and the CBC is uploaded.

In a Troop, 18 to 21 is an adult, not a Scout.

When I tried removing the Scout, the program asks only if I want them as a Multiple in the same Troop.

Chip Galloway

The developers are working on an option to change the membership type.

It depends. If the young adult is a Unit Participant (UP), then the UP would pay the youth fee. On the other hand, if the young adult is an ASM or Unit College Scouter Reserve, then he or she would pay the adult volunteer fee.

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Has this option to change the membership type been added? I have three I need to change, and I am not seeing the option.

Also, as the previous poster said, I have adults that show on by Scoutbook roster that do not show in the recharter process.

Are these adults in your my.scouting roster? Scout oil can, though it is getting better, not always reflect who is truly registered in your unit.

For the adult question it did seem to work itself out. Looks like I just needed to refresh one more time :slight_smile:

However, still trying to figure out how to move a scout to an adult by changing their membership type. I don’t see an option to do this as was talked about above.

As far as I know that has not been implemented yet. I believe the workaround is to remove them and then add existing member to add them back.

Thanks for the input!

After they are removed and then I try to add them as existing members I receive “Position is not allowed to multiple.”

Add them as a new adult. I don’t know what that means, but someone else described it as that.

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I have tried deleting the youth scout then adding them back as an adult using their member id, etc, but I get the “position is not allowed multiple” warning. I have tried deleting them then inviting them to fill out the online adult paperwork, but the scout receives a similar type warning telling them there is no need to submit another application. Either way I try it does not allow me to add them as an adult to the recharter process.

Reaching out to council I was told to have them fill out the paper copy then submit manually, but it still seems at some point down the line this is going to create the same multiple issue.

When they do they, have them note their BSA ID on the paper app. The Registrar can then make sure it doesn’t get duplicated.

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@LewisCartee if you are still having this issue (or anyone else) I would like to setup a screenshare to see it

I am. At this point all I can think to do is delete them altogether then have the rejoin after recharter. I am not sure how I would even have them fill out paper apps and submit as trying to change from youth to adult or delete and add as adult gives errors.

@LewisCartee can you do a quick screenshare of it?

@DonovanMcNeil My other option, that I believe said above, is to just treat them as new and submit a paper app noting their existing member ID number then let council correct.

I can do a screen share. Are you meaning a screen shot, or were you thinking of dropping on a zoom,etc?

I can setup a quick zoom-type to see it


That would be wonderful. Just let me know what you need from me.