Recharter directing to incorrect site

I have a Scoutmaster trying to begin his recharter. Upon logging into and clicking on recharter on the left hand side, it directs him to the access code screen. I have not heard of anyone else having this issue.

BSA ID 5397956

What do you mean by the access code screen? The old recharter system?

Can he take a screen shot? When does the charter expire?

The MyScouting system has an Internet Recharter link that goes to the old system. There are some people that are still on that system though. Could be a case of using that link.

Yes, the old recharter system. I sent him the link to this discussion so maybe he can. The charter expires 12/31/2021

I think @brantgurga is on to something. I bet he isn’t going to

Where is the bad link? On my phone I couldn’t find it.

I can’t find it anymore either. Maybe they removed it after November. It was in the BSA Web Links expander in the menu.

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