Rechartering not accepting a 19 year old for Committee Member

I have a existing leader that had no positon in the recharter screen. The field had a number in it 472. So I deteted him and attempted to add him back with options Add New Member and then Existing Member and now it will not accept his birth date of 02/12/2003. It says invalid age for new position. 02/12/2003 make him 19 years and 9 months old.

Committee Members must be age 21+

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MCs have to be 21 - the only position for under 21 is College Unit Scouter Reserve

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There are other positions for ages 18-20, but depends on unit type

I have a YPT report with him in the report as a committee member, since he turned 18. This is a Troop

For a troop, the only possible positions for adult leaders age 18-20 are:

Assistant Scoutmaster
Uniit College Scouter Reserve

Committee Members must be age 21+ for all unit types.

Please contact your council’s Registrar, if you have questions.

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Before I deleted him the recharter report had him as a Committee Member. The only place that did not show up as a Committee Member was the rechartering tool.

What everyone is trying to get at is, whatever was showing before, the registration guidelines require all unit scouters, with certain limited exceptions, to be 21 or over. @JenniferOlinger outlined a couple of those exceptions at the troop level. If you have additional questions about how they came to be listed as a committee member in the first place or why committee members have to be 21, the only folks who can address those types of questions for you is your council. You might talk to either your registrar or, if they can’t help, ask them who to talk to.


Troop committee age limits

@JohnTomecek - A assistant Scoutmaster is not part of a troop committee, thus the unit college reserve position is apparent the only position for 19 and 20 old members to serve on a troop committee.

@DonovanMcNeil is correct for the committee member (CM). There are other positions with different codes that may be part of the troop committee.

Program registration requirements

@JenniferOlinger is correct per 2019 guidebook. Guidebook states:

Adult Leadership Requirements
Minimum age—21, except SA, 92U, who may be 18

Code Description
SA Assistant Scoutmaster
92U Unit College Scouter Reserve

©2019 Boy Scouts of America

per Boy Scouts of America. Registration Guidebook of the Boy Scouts of America. July 2019 ed. Irving, Tex.: Boy Scouts of America Inc., ©2019. PDF. Pages 10 and 36

Assistant Scoutmaster Age Exception

An assistant Scoutmaster may be 18 years old, but at least one in each troop should be 21 or older, so he or she can serve in the Scoutmaster’s absence.

©2018 Boy Scouts of America

per Boy Scouts of America. Troop Committee Guidebook - for Successful Troop Operation (Scouts BSA). 2018 Printing ed. Vol. 34505, Irving, Tex.: Boy Scouts of America Inc., ©2018. Book. Page 10.


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