Recommendation email for scout for ILST Training


Can someone please share with me if there is a specific set of requirements to write a recommendation letter for a scout for ILST Training…?

I’m trying to out as a Scout Master if I need to answer specific questions about the scout in a recommendation letter…?

Please advise,

Thank you!!

I do not follow this at all @NavaidKhan - why do you think a recommendation letter is needed?

For ILST, the Scoutmaster is the lead trainer along with other your capable in the unit. Do you mean NYLT?

No we’re told that for ILST training your scout needs a recommendation letter for ILST.

Also what rank should a scout be to take ILST, I’m confused now, I thought the scout needed to be at First Class Rank…

@NavaidKhan - ILST is unit based training and who informed you of the recommendation letter requirement

I am still confused. ILST is done within the unit. Who is asking for this?

@NavaidKhan - i would ask for specific references to where this recommendation is required. I think someone is making stuff up.

@NavaidKhan – seems like a prior post is correct and whoever you’re speaking with has confused Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) with National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)

ILST is a unit-based training and has NO pre-requisites, it’s actually great training for ALL Scouts in a unit!

NLYT is usually a council led training program and NLYT does have requirements which include First Class, be 13 years old, be a registered member of a BSA unit, completed ILST, and a unit leader recommendation

More about BSA Youth Training programs >> - and the ILST syllabus

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