Youth access to ILST?

I have two new patrol leaders and I wanted them to access and watch the ILST courses. Who has access to these videos as a youth? Is there a specific rank? Both scouts are brand new to the troop and recently crossed from cubs. The troop wants all future youth leaders to take the courses before attending NYLT. Thanks for the information.

I have never heard of videos for them, they are a course Units run.

There is an online & virtual option for ILST now:

I think it came out last year, and was developed due to COVID restrictions.

Edited to add: ILST is for all Scouts in the troop who are in a leadership position. ILST is a prerequisite for NYLT.


Forgot about that online way - have the scouts BE CAREFUL making accounts as it can generate a new BSA # if they do not match everything up

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I’ll add that

It is strongly preferred that all Scouts with troop leadership positions participate in this course at
the start of each term of office, even if they have participated before, and even if they are filling the same leadership position. It is beneficial for the Scouts to go through this course together, even if only some of them are new leaders. In some cases, it can benefit the troop if youth who are likely to become troop leaders also participate in the course

Emphasis added.

Source: (page 3)

There are troops that all youth members take the course, regularly.


I thought that the Scoutbook account would automatically link with If not, then that would be the reason the scouts cannot log in.

@RobertEberhart Scouts do not by default have a SB account - parents have to invite them to have one - if they have done this they should be able to log into I believe

All scouts have been invited to connect in SB. Hence all scouts can see there is a page to log in. Every scout has a SB account. Not every scout can log into to access training. If the SB account should automatically align with the account - then every scout should be able to access online training. This seems like common sense. What am I missing?

Well being invited to Scoutbook and actually logging in a first time are 2 different things. Have the Scouts that cannot get into MYST actually logged in a first time to SB?

Ok, - all scouts are in SB already and managing their information accordingly. Everything appears as it should for a youth account. Almost identical to me. I guess I need to see if I assign a POR to a scout, if they suddenly have access to the training. This may be an interesting issue that has not been raised before as the training has only recently been available virtually, More questions, than answers…

I suspect it’s because the Scouts need a my.scouting account in order to access the training. They probably need to create an account at my.scouting, but be careful to connect to their existing BSA member number.

Thank you.Any reason why there wouldn’t be an existing my.scouting account by default? I was under the impression that if you had a Scoutbook account, you had a my.scouting account as well.

If you give the training in person to your troop you will need to make sure it gets entered into My.scouting. I am not sure if this can be done at the unit level or if the training chair for your district needs to do it (I’m the training chair so I don’t know what permissions exist below that).

***"*SPOTLIGHT ON TRAINING – SCOUTING U Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops and Crews goes virtual

In response to the needs of Youth Leaders in Troops and Crews, Scouting U has released two new virtual training programs for Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST), and Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC). These new temporary instructional training programs are available by logging onto and launching the BSA Learn Center. When the Learn Center opens you can select the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) or Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC) from Programs as applicable to you. In the Programs are 2 Learning Plans – Introduction and Tools of Leadership – you will need to complete both. When selecting a Learning Plan, it will open with a description and course listing – click the Enroll Button to record your completion progress. For courses within the Learning Plan simply click the Start button and take the course until you complete it. Both the Learning Plans and Course will show your percentage of completion.

Module 1 is a brief five-minute introduction to the organizational structure of the unit. In Module 2 participants will spend approximately 36 minutes learning about the Tools of Leadership. Designed to help Scouts and Crew members develop their leadership, knowledge, skills, and abilities. Specific topics include Creating a Vision, Goal Setting, Communication, Planning and Delegation, and the Stages of Team Development. Upon completion of these two modules, a certificate of completion will be available, and should be printed for their Unit Leader. The completion certificate allows Scouts an opportunity to complete the third and final module in a virtual online environment.

Using a Zoom or similar online video conferencing program, Module 3 provides Scouts an opportunity to virtually interact with their fellow Scouts and leaders to expand and integrate their leadership expertise. Topics covered in the final one-hour module, includes Team Development and Characteristics, Group Decisions, Leadership Styles and Tools, Ethics and Values and the EDGE method.

Unit leaders interested in offering this new Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops and Crews can contact to request the directions, PowerPoint, and Script for Module 3."

This can be found here

It does not appear that this can be taken solely as an online course and the scout needs to log in to My.scouting to navigate to scouting U learning center. This has nothing to do with scoutbook accounts.

Units can add training for youth at my.scouting. Any registered leader with access to the Training Manager can add them, so I think that’s: Key 3, Key 3 Delegates, and Unit Training Chair.


How do I get help with and Seems like scouts do not have access to the training center. My son is connected in Scoutbook, has his own account and manages his own advancements, sends messages, etc. He can access the my.scouting dashboard (training) link in Scoutbook. He cannot access the BSA learn center from the My Scouting page. I need to correct this for him and for his fellow scouts that want to view online training.

ok there is a backdoor - have them sign in > click my training > click Council Executive Board……… > then Home at top of that page and you can search ILST

Same could be done from any of the links

@RobertEberhart a change has been made to fix this and they are thinking through a few options - but Scouts can now log in - LOL - they better know how to get to ILST though

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