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I apologize in advanced if this topic has been brought up. I see similar threads, but nothing explaining how to fix it.

I (14368667) am a parent in a pack that has recently volunteered for a leadership position (Advancement). I am being told that I have to register as a leader in my.scouting, before being granted accessing in scoutbook. However, when logging into my.scounting, there is no option for me to register as a leader. When I go to My Profile, I see the Registered Positions section, and it states “no position” and with no ability to add.

Any help on this process would be appreciated.

  1. Desktop: Windows 10; Mobile: Apple iOS. Same issue on both.
    2.See above.
  2. Desktop: Google Chrome; Mobile: Safari
  3. Tried clearing cache and tried in private browsing. Issue persist.
    5.14368667. Orange County, CA council

@DinoSantos you would go to and find your unit then IF Adult registrations are allowed, you would do it there

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Keep in mind, some Councils do not permit adult registrations via

Some states, such as PA have more stringent requirements for adults, thus PA councils cannot permit online adult registrations.

Thanks Donovan for the quick response! This was the solution for me. Appreciate all the help.

Thanks for the suggestion. This is good information. I was able to use Donovan’s solution to register.

@DinoSantos make sure unit COR knows to approve it

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Not sure what exactly that means as this is all new to me. But I will make sure I forward your comment to the pack leader I am interacting with.

@DinoSantos OK sorry - in all units there are 3 Key leaders - A Unit Leader (like Scoutmaster/Cubmaster), a Committee Chair, and a COR (Chartered Organization Representative). OK so often the COR is a less computer literate person. Best advise is to tell the Unit Leader you put in an application, tell them the COR needs to approve it and let them handle it.

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Sounds good. I will let them know to do that. Thank you again.

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