Adding an adult as a den leader to a den

I recently joined our pack as a Lion Den Leader. I’ve created all of my accounts and completed registration/training. Our pack was not using online applications, so I was the guniea pig. I think that’s throwing them off on the process/flow.

It took about 3 weeks for the COR to accept the application and she inadvertently assigned me to the District (not knowing what she was doing). The Council had to reassign me to the Pack but after nearly 2 months I’m still not registered in Scout Book.

Now the COR is on indefinite medical leave, we have a 2nd adult leader to get added into Scout Book, and the Cub Master doesn’t know how to get them added (he believes only the COR can add us).

I’ve been reading through the forums and documentation and it seems the Key 3 can assign leaders and not just the COR. I’ve also seen reference to assigning the leaders in and not

Can someone provide me some insight on the process so I might help the Cub Master? Thanks

For what it’s worth my:
BSA ID: 3348665
SB ID: 8193320

@TravisStephens I do not see a DL registration for you - might want to talk to council

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Is it possible the COR hasn’t accepted it yet? Would it look the same? Council says I am reassigned to the pack.

I completed my application on July 27th. I’m just trying to figure out where in limbo I’m apparently stuck.

I think the application would have expired by now - you can try looking at My Applications at and see if there is any data

@DonovanMcNeil it only reads, “Pending Action by BSA.”

What is the time limit on expiring applications? I paid in July so I was in the previous pay structure, do you know how that would be affected? I’ve been “serving” as an adult leader for the last 53 some odd days, how will tenure be affected?

Like I said - call your council - they can see more

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