Registered adult leader and also parent

I’m a registered adult leader (ASM) in my Troop, but also parent (grandson’s guardian), but when I log into Scoutbook, I cannot see my grandson’s information. It ssays I’m not connected & I need to contact the Scout’s parent. How do I fix this?

Your Scoutbook unit admins (typically SM, CC, and COR, plus any others specfically assigned) can connect you as the parent/guardian in Scoutbook. It might be worth reaching out to your council to see if they have you connected to your grandson as a parent/guardian in their system as well (and what BSA ID is associated with that account). That could make a difference down the road for certain types of “paperwork” like online transfers.

ETA: If you post your BSA ID, the SUAC folks might be able to look to see if you have duplicate accounts, but they can’t make the parent/guardian connection.

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