Leader and parent cannot see son's page

I am both an ASM and parent. I have had issues with Scoutbook previously where somehow I had two BSA IDs. Now that that has been fixed, I cannot see my son’s information in Scoutbook. When I tap on his name, I get the text box to contact a leader or parent to be connected.

Hi, Richard,

It sounds like you’re able to see your unit, but you’re just not connected to your son anymore. Is that correct?

If so, one of your unit admins should be able to reconnect you to your son. The Scoutmaster, Committee Chair and Chartered Org Rep are all, by default, unit admins.

I cannot view anyone other than myself, I’m not linked to anyone. A Unit Admin is unwilling to work with me on it by telling me to contact Scoutbook. The Key 3 are NOT on board with SB yet and will not implement it.

Send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the following for you and your son name, BSA#, council and unit and ask them to connect you to him.

Hi Ed
We have a similar situation - I am the SB administrator for our pack. My parent has had a BSA ID since her son was a Tiger. Her son has since bridged over to a troop and is on the Troop SB. She is listed and connected as the parent to her son with her original BSA id. She decided to stay with the pack and has joined the Pack as treasurer and committee member. She took the required YPT but did not know she needed to use her previous BSA ID. It automatically showed up on the YPT Certificate. Somehow she now has two BSA IDs. From my research of her records, the only time the new BSA ID only shows up is under BSA training validation with no valid training. All her others records, training, connections, etc only refers to and lists her 1st BSA ID for both the pack and troop. The situation is that, when she sign on to SB (with her previous sign on), she has no access to either the pack info (everything is blank) or to her son records in the troop. What would cause this? FYI, we contacted our council and they were going to merge the two numbers (records) but could not find the 2nd BSA ID that was listed. Any suggestions.

Send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the individual’s name, both BSA#s, e-mail address used to log in to Scoutbook and my.scouting.org ID. Ask them to merge the accounts. Indicate which BSA# is the one the Council says exists.

I have noticed that unless the parent becomes a leader or takes ypt while their Scout is a Lion or Tiger, Councils seem to stop finding the Parent BSA ID # when the parent takes YPT or becomes a leader later, and so creates another BSA ID#. But old is retained in the system, causing issues later.