Existing adult leader cannot be (re)added to pack leader roster

Hi Scoutbook Advisory Council help team,

One of our adult leaders, ID 135624593, vanished from our leader roster and can no longer be added back. I figure this occured during one of the previous rechartering process.
Is this something can be fixed through these forums, or do we need to involve our council?


@MartinLeach It looks like she used to be registered as a Tiger Adult Partner. However, I cannot find any adult leader registrations for her.

She will need to register as an adult leader.

@JenniferOlinger Thanks for the info, we’ll follow up with our council. The funny thing is that she was a registered adult, and only recently noticed she had vanished (only now just attempting to fix it…)

I’ll mark this as closed.

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Being listed in Scoutbook doesn’t necessarily mean a registered volunteer. It may just have meant a tiger or lion adult partner. Yes, it would be better if it wouldn’t be ambiguous like they, but it is.

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@MartinLeach - a tiger or lion partner is not a registered adult. The person needs to submit an adult application along with the CBC and any other requirements subject to jurisdiction requirements. Additionally be signed off and approved by the Charter organization