Adult leader disappeared in scoutbook, and now I can't find them

I have a leader that disappeared from Scoutbook (not sure why but it seems roughly correlated for when our re-charter completed). When I try to add them back, I can’t find them when searching by their BSA ID.

Person ID 13973667

@AntoineDunn M Helu is not a registered leader

This adult is registered as a Tiger Adult Partner. However, Adult Partners are not adult leaders.

I thought he was, but double-checking the recharter documents, it looks like you are correct. Is there a way to see more than last 90 days of completed applications in

If you are using the Application Manager, you should be able to see further back by using the filter and changing the “From Date”. Make sure you check the boxes next to “Closed” and “Completed”.

That name has never had an adult leader registration

Having dug into this on my end, I concur that the adult application never happened. At this point, the leader has filled out the application, which I just approved. Once it syncs up with scoutbook, we should be all set. Appreciate your help!

However, I think it’s worthwhile for system administrators to have a post-mortem on this incident, as I’m pretty sure this individual was a den leader in Scoutbook from ~October 10 until ~January 21. How did we get into that state? Seems like the adult leader application should have been a blocking prerequisite all along.

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