Registered Adults Not Appearing in

I have 2 registered adults that have been approved by the COR. Neither of them appear as an option in Position Manager or in my unit’s Roster though. Why is that?

How long ago did the COR approve them? I think they need to clear their background check

One was approved back in March. Another was approved 2 weeks ago.

Do they appear on the roster in Of so, please provide their member numbers (no names), and we can see if anything obvious is going on with their registration.

They don’t, but one adult member’s ID is 14656196. As for the one one who was recently approved, I cannot locate his member ID as I’m waiting for him to activate his SB account.

I’m not sure what’s going on with that one. Contact your council office to see if they can straighten it out. The main thing is that they aren’t on your my.scouting roster.