Registered Scout not showing in IA

Scout JK is not showing up in Troop 211 internet advancement. He is on the Troop roster in My.Scouting.

His BSA Member ID is 132618670
His Scoutbook User ID is 2473705

He has the green check and the red circled A in Scoutbook, but when we click over to internet advancement it says “The youth was not found within the active unit.”


Does the troop see the Scout on the IA Roster when they try this path?:

Log in at my.scouting
Then click on:

Menu → BSA Web Links → Internet Advancement 2.0

No, he doesn’t show when they try that path

@NancyHodgkiss This issue has been escalated to the developers.

Any idea when we might receive feedback? Sounds like it might take a while.

@NancyHodgkiss just reminded the developers about this

Just heard - they have been working it a week and continue to - just have not figured it out yet.

Thanks for the update!

@NancyHodgkiss This should be fixed.

We recommend that the mother go to my.scouting and create an account for herself there (using her name and her date of birth). After she does that, your local council can use their Registrar Tools to add her parent relationship to her Scouts (this relationship is different from the parent connection that you see in Scoutbook).

I’ll check with the unit, but this answer doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t understand what parent connection would have to do with unit leaders seeing the Scout in IA

It doesn’t. The issue with the Scout should be fixed.

What I was talking about with the mother is a separate issue.

Got it. Thanks so much for your assistance!