Scout new to the unit now shows up in scout book but is not showing up in the Internet Advancement side when we attempt to enter camping nights etc


I have a new scout that was registered for and attended summer camp. He finally shows up in Scout Book but now if I go to his activity log and it kicks over to the Internet Advancement side of things the scout is not listed? How do I fix this? Please and thank you in advance.


Post the Scout’s BSA Member # (no names) and we will investigate.

BSA# 136862468 Thank you


The Scout, initials JA is not registered with you Troop, he is only registered with Pack 842. Once he is registered with your troop, he will appear in the Activity Logs.

Really, ok thank you I will call our register.


You can also tell them that he has a 2nd BSA Member #133502412 that he was previously registered under.

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