Registering members of the "Scouter Reserve"

  1. Is there a way for the council to review and approve members of the “Scouter Reserve” to support the national rules and regulations?
  2. Is a role-function title field in Scoutbook that can be used to describe the “unit scouter reserve” person’s role for reports? Where is it entered?

I am not sure if this is a feature request or bug report.


Scouter Reserve

My understanding being a member of the “Scouter Reserve” is a special position requiring council approval.

  • Council position: District position code 91
    • 21 years of age and over
  • Unit position 91U
    • 21 years of age and over

Scouter Reserve. Individuals 21 years of age and over may, upon approval of the local council, register in the Scouter Reserve of the Boy
Scouts of America by paying the registration fee required of a Scouter.

Individuals so registered may serve in the following ways: as faculty members of Cub Scout training courses; assisting in organizing and training in connection with Cub or Scout units, Venturing crews, and Sea Scout ships; as hosts and hostesses; and by helping in finance and public relations campaigns.

They may serve as members of fathers’ and mothers’ clubs, parents’ clubs, and auxiliaries of units.

Members of the Scouter Reserve may wear the universal badge of Scouting to signify their affiliation.

©2020 Boy Scouts of America

College Scouter Reserve

College students who will commit themselves to an informed interest and active participation in the program, whenever possible, may be registered in the College Scouter Reserve

per Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America®, September 2020, ©2020 Boy Scouts of America, page 13.

College Reserve, Council

  • district position 92
    • also assignable to non-unit-registrants, e.g. Lone Scouts
    • no age limit found in BSA® national rules and regulations

College Reserve, Unit

  • unit position 92U (Scouting BSA)
    • Adult Leadership Requirements, “Minimum age - 21, except SA, 92U, who may be 18”, per 2019 registration guidebook, page 10, is incorrect and misleading.
  • unit position 92V (Venturing BSA, Sea Scouts BSA)
  • 2017 article: Unit College Scouter Reserve helps former Scouts stay connected, By Bryan Wendell, January 19, 2017
    • 2017 statement “When a young man turns 18 and heads off to college out of town or out of state” appears to imply incorrectly that a college student who was a prior Scout cannot be attending college as a regular student prior to age 18.


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They would certainly be reviewing the council position version. There’s less review likely of the unit position but a good commissioner relationship should help there. Generally, if the individual is paying and has YPT, they’ll probably be left alone, but as a reserve position, a good commissioner relationship will likely find out they are participating regularly and actively and get them switched to a more fitting position than reserve. I will say the Registration Guidebook has not been kept up to date as the technology has changed, so it’s a pretty poor resource nowadays. It doesn’t even mention council-registered merit badge counselors, and that’s evidently a thing now. It only has them as district positions.

Agreed. This is a non-issue. Unit Scouter Reserve is a unit controlled position. Only the council can designate someone as Scouter Reserve. No report needed.

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Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) Registration

@brantgurga - Part of your reply is off-topic and misleading.

  • The registration guidebook is a data entry guide for council registrars and professional registration staff.
  • The district is a geographic division of the local council and not separate from the council.
  • The MBC’s preferred service area is still identified on the MBC information form which may be found in the registration guidebook:
  • Including the district id on the position record allows reports to more easily generated for district merit badge coordinators (and district merit badge deans)

Continued discussion of MBC registration is off-topic and should be in a separate discussion.


Registration of members of the unit Scouter Reserve

@brantgurga @Matt.Johnson

Thank you for your relies. I am looking for unit level documentation for members of the “Scouter Reserve”. The BSA® national rules and regulations appear to be a legal document for implementation of the BSA national bylaws.

I am looking for more documents about registration of members of the unit “scouter reserve” (Position 91U) that affect myScouting tools (including Scoutbook)

Note that this discussion is not about inclusion of Akela membership data in myScouting tools reports.