Unit college scouter reserve not showing in scoutbook

We have 2 people who recently aged out and were removed from our scoutbook roster, I assume at recharter. However, they should have been converted to adult “unit college scouter reserve.” They are correctly listed on our roster in member manager at my.scouting, but not appearing in any fashion in Scoutbook. How can we get them to appear on our adult roster in Scoutbook?

Update, I looked in: my account, connections, and I still see the two individuals. So what is the process of converting them to UC92 adults?

Send an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org.
Include their names, bsa member numbers, and email addresses.
Post the ticket number here.

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Information about reserve Scouting positions

Per Registration Guidebook, July 2019

Reserve position codes

  • 91 - Scouter reserve
  • 91U - Unit Scouter Reserve
  • 92 - College Scouter reserve
  • 92U - Unit College Scouter Reserve
  • 92V - Venturing College Scouter Reserve

Where they can be registered

  • Cub Scouting Program (pack) can have: 91U, 92U
  • Scouts BSA Program (troop) can have: 91U, 92U
  • Venturing Program (crew) can have: 91U, 92V
  • Sea Scouting Program (ship) can have: 91U, 92V
  • District (non-unit) can have: 91, 92


Posted: 2019-08-17

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