registration missing the adult Unit Scouter College Reserve (92U) position

I am seeking your guidance regarding our Eagle Scout who turned 18 years old. We would like to register him as an adult Unit Scouter College Reserve (92U) to allow for flexibility for him.
SCOUTER RESERVE POSITIONS These positions are for adults that wish to remain on their unit rosters, without registering as an assistant leader or committee member.

In both and on-line registrations, the 18 y.o. adult applicant is not able to see any other position options other than assistant scoutmaster.

Please kindly advise how we can trouble shoot this or where he needs to apply in order to register for the Unit Scouter College Reserve position. Thank you.

If USCR is missing from the online options, the fastest way for him to register is via a paper application. That will probably be processed faster than the online system can be updated.

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