Registering myself and my scout

How can I pay online to reregister myself as committee chair and my son as a scout. I’ve been clicking all over websites for two days and can’t figure it out.

Go to Type in your zip and find your unit. Hit apply online. Follow the prompts. Reply back here if you get stuck.

@Matt.Johnson I did not think you could pay for recharter this way?

Our records indicate you already have an active registration with Pack 0___________ans. There is no need to submit another application, If you are applying for an additional position in the same organization please contact your unit leader for assistance.

I tried this yesterday. This is the same error again today.

any ideas how I can pay for myself and my scout? I need to be able to tell the other parents how to do this is well. Can it not be done?

I assume your unit is rechartering? I would expect that, as committee chair, your registration would be included as part of that process. The same would be true if your son is already a scout with the unit. Or are you new to being committee chair?

@JenniferOlinger Opps! I didn’t catch the re-register in the body, only register in the subject.

@CrystalMason You will have to work with your unit on recharter. Everyone is “update” as a block: reregister, drop, etc. Contact one of the current members of the key 3 (SM, CC, COR) and they can make sure you will a) recharter with them and b) get moved to CC.

You need to pay your pack for Recharter for yourself and your Scout.

Once your pack is ready, the pack will make a payment to your local council for everyone in your pack.

Internet Recharter is not currently set up to accept payments from individuals.

so once registered the first time no one can pay online to recharter?

so no one who is already registered can pay online?

@CrystalMason Not currently.

Thanks. That is really unfortunate.

Some units set up something like PayPal or another online payment service to collect from scouts and scouters, but the recharter process online payments are as a group, not individually.

There’s a guide to rechartering around somewhere…

Here’s the one for commissioners:

BSA Charter Renewal Resources:

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It doesn’t work that way since units are the ones who pay the bill. They do pay it online. Most units either charge more (dues) or subsidize (via fundraisers). You stay registered if they “recharter” with you.

I believe some councils have a solution that allows members to pay the council directly rather than making the unit collect the fees. You might check with your DE if your council is one of those.

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