Registrar Tools ReadOnly

Registrar Tools ReadOnly access (functional role)
What would be the benefits and constraints of providing administrative commissioners with it?
How could it help improve unit service?
(e.g. search for an adult’s registered positions across different organizations;
help resolve unit charter renewal issues;
look up Scouting history for recruiting commissioners or submitting award nominations;
use of other search and reporting features)
Your thoughts?

Not to try to sound like I am volunteering for more. however, with the thought of saving me time. 1. Ability to view Youth and Adults, Members Awards, not just training awards, would enable me to have a leadership appreciation night where I’m not working on paperwork for or or presenting to someone for a knot award they have already received.
2. Ability to see when transfers occur "my.scouting leads does not reflect it. It does partially, but not the actual transfer “has been” achieved at the unit levels and when they are processed saves me calls to the Council registrar for me and my DE.
3. Ability to track which leaders/youth are paid and which are not under this new pricing structure, reports to begin about June 2024 would be beneficial to prevent dropped adult support due to a growing population does not read emails and are moving to other notification tools.
4. The ability to youth advancement status in units to query leaders on the upcoming status of youth aging out with a bit of warning so when I do a unit visit I can ask how is little so and so coming along I see they will be turning 18 in about 10 Months is there a need for an Eagle extension letter to be processed? Thus allowing for either a small fire to be communicated or preparations for the council advancement team to gauge in a pro-active vs re-active time crunch.

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Read only access to Registrar tools would allow local volunteers to check a scout’s connection to the correct parent account when the parent has more than one account.

The current method is to rely on SUAC folks to peer into the dark and divine any needed edits.

SUAC does great work! But it would be good to have local folks cleaning up our own issues.

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Would it enable me to see whom is active and whom is not at a unit level so I could help the member decide if they didn’t like the unit in some way and was willing to try a different one since they are already paid through the year? It’s like asking a question, without showing us what is available? Which features would you like to enable for us to consider? Like submission of Defective registration data? Youth registered with multiple units, okay this helps with recharter as the systems wants the name of that other charter when unit leaders only know the unit number. Slightly confused with the question as we do have quite a bit of read only. It’s the ability to effect the change that we are limited on. If were trying to give back the registrar time? Allow the unit leaders to reassign applications to the appropriate unit in application manager. If the YPT is the hold up create a link where the training has to be completed before the application online as an can be submitted online. Thus proving scouting is a safe place, even to those that chose not to join due to being required to do the safety training first.

@BillCameron this may become even more important with registration changes to help identify scouts without the proper “parent/guardian relationship” in My.Scouting which will be utilized to send reminders for re-registration. While it won’t allow clean-up, it would allow Commissioners to help flag accounts that need addressing by registrars.

A report fr that is available. Your registrar can provide it.

A number of the things you are requesting in the application already exist at the volunteer level. It is just not in the purview of a commissioner. Your district membership chair can fix those issues.

Thank you, good to know. I’ll make a call. Thank you