Reminder notification in event... .why so many

There are so many reminder notifications on the event. I am confused and concerned. I didnt capture all the notices just the heads and tails.

This is a known bug that’s being worked by the development team, if I recall correctly what I saw in some other threads asking similar questions.

yeah it seemed like every time you saved it - it sent another reminder - we were a little loud at DEV on that one

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Thank you for the response. I appreciate it. I tried to find similar post but didnt see anything recent or revelent.

Side note: the search feature shows really old content before new content making it hard to find relevent similar posts. Given the recent switch it may be better to have the default search results be recent rather than revelent. If that is a user option, apologies i have not noticed that option. Again thank you for the inforamtive and polite response.


We have no control over how search works in the forums. The forums are provided and hosted by Discourse.

I’ve struggled with finding relevant search results too, but there is an advanced search that could be helpful to you.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I will try it next time.