Reminder sent for the wrong time zone

I am receiving reminder email for Eastern standard time. Other people are getting reminder that the time as central time zone.

Is this something I am doing? or a setting on the other parent account setting?

@lisaLudwig what is correct TZ? Often it is a setting on user device

also post screen shot of event from calendar please

Attached is the screens of from Scoutbook Plus.

We are in Eastern time zone.

If it is a user setting where that setting?

The system is send some of the parents email stating Eastern time some central time. We have parent not notice it was central and show up an hour early!

Have you checked the time zones in Scoutbook plus for both units?

That was it!!! One of the unit was in central time zone. Thank you! I testing a event and see if I get the correct time for everyone!

As a suggestion. .I would not have expected to look for that under the setting. as a suggestion it might be something you add under the calendar function.

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