Automatic Event Reminders Show Incorrect Time

Scoutbook automatic email reminders of events are an hour off from the correct time. I have verified that we have the correct time zone set. Here are screen shots of the event, as well as the reminder:

Times for calendar entries display in the local Time Zone as set by the user’s device. Scoutbook uses the time zone of your unit to send scheduled reminders; “send now” reminders use the time on the user’s device. Unit Admins can set the Time Zone for the unit on the Edit Unit page. The Time Zone is used to send the proper time in reminder e-mails

Adding to Bill’s comment, it’s most likely that the phone of the person who created the event was picking up the wrong TZ. Then, it converted it to your TZ. Are you near a TZ boundary, or was that person traveling?

Another possibility is that Scoutbook is not recognizing your timezone. What does your device say for the timezone?

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