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Need to change timezone

Hi my reminders are being sent with the incorrect timezone. I have created new test events and it is still occurring. My pack needs to be set for EST (Georgia). it appears it is currently set for central.

For example, event is at 3. Reminder is sent for 2pm. All users are in the EST area and it has been tested on multiple browsers and users.

unit id is 114257

I’ve asked the developers to update this for you. It usually is done within two days.

I have been having this problem as well. Two notices get sent out to my Troop, one with the correct PST (California) time and one in Central time zone. I spoke directly to Scoutbook in September to resolve this problem, had a ticket opened ( Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-108519), and the problem still isn’t resolved. Where do I go from here?

@RianTiernan On your unit page, look at the URL. What’s the number after “unitID=“? What timezone should you be?

I am also having this issue (sort of).

I am a Scoutmaster - the Troop page is fine.
But I am also an Explorer Post Advisor - The Post page reverts to Central Standard Time, not EST.

@CraigDeppe On your unit page, look at the URL. What’s the number after “unitID=“? What timezone should you be?


Eastern Standard Time

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Are you in an area that is always on Eastern Standard Time or do you observe Daylight Saving Time?

Out Troop is experiencing the same problem. Events seem to be listed in the correct time zone (PST), then the reminders arrive and appear to be in CST.

Our Unit ID: 88980

Any help / guidance would be appreciated.

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Eastern Pennsylvania - we do observe DST

Thanks. Since your post above said Easter Standard Time, I just wanted to make sure you were not in an area that was always on standard time.

@RobertDuncan1 I’ve asked the developers to correct it

ID=3319592 for 1015 Boys unit
ID=125677 for 1015 Girls unit

We should be Pacific Time Zone for both Boys and Girls unit. One reminder goes out with the correct time (PST) and the other goes out in CST. I suspect it is the girls unit with the wrong time zone as it is was on;y set up in Feb. 2019.

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I have asked the developers to set your units to Pacific Time Zone

Having this same issue. Emailed support 6 weeks ago, never got a response or a bounce.

97492 - Boy Troop
212115 - Girl Troop

Both should be EST. Reminders are being sent out CST. We do observe DST, at least for the next 5 days. Wish it was 365 days/year…

Why is this an issue if our address is in the system?

@ErikOlson1 I’ve asked the developers to set it For your units. It’s usually done within two business days.

Unfortunately, address is not full proof since some states are in two time zones.

Appreciate that Jacob.

This should be something that units can set on our own; like in Outlook, Windows and our phones, and not have to engage support for. The more we can do ourselves, the better.

Also, address is full proof of time zone as both the Post Office & local Elections office can dial down to the exact location of a property on a map by using your address & give you your Zip+4, your representative and your polling location. That’s more accurate than what is needed for a time zone.


There is a story to give users the ability to set it themselves. It just hasn’t been worked yet.

The developers tried to map all the units to their timezone, but apparently some (a lot) were missed. I can’t tell you exactly where they went wrong.

Hello from NC,
Would you please update our Pack to Eastern Time? Thank you

Unit ID- 116131

Thank you,
Ken Sidwell
Pack 612

@KennethSidwell It’s been reported to the developers