Returning Scout not added to troop

My son was added to his troop and then dropped 60 days later. We need him added back to his troop.

SB ID: 1376503
BSA ID: 133634354

Needs added back to:
Scouts BSA
Troop 0777 B

That usually means that the scout is missing from the official roster at my.scouting. Has one of your Unit Key 3 (SM, CC, COR) verified that he appears on the official roster there, and that the BSA ID on the roster matches the one on his Scoutbook account?

He is not on their official roster. Every time they try and search for him it will error. The only way they locate him is by his BSA ID and when they try to add it errors. I think they even tried to create a new account for him but it wouldn’t stay on their roster either.

My son was a covid scout, completed cub scouts in 2020, sat out 2021, and joined a troop in 2022. Not sure if he was ever released correctly from his cub scouts den.

@MichaelHayes3 - did you fill out a youth application when he joined the troop ? My guess is that your son is not registered in any scouting unit - pack or troop. Especially if they are ttying to transfer him in and therd is an error

Yes he did, we filled out his application and paid his dues last April / early May once he decided to join.

Similar to what you said. My hunch is that his account is sitting out in limbo somewhere due to him taking the year off after completing cub scouts.

It sounds to me like that paper application got lost somewhere in the process of turning it in to council and them entering it by hand. That or your son was dropped at recharter this year. Either way, you unit needs to talk to your council and/or turn in a new application.

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Thank you, I forwarded your response to our committee chair. I do not believe we have rechartered since he joined. I think recharters now occur in Dec and we just joined in April.

Bottom line - it sounds like he is not on the roster (don’t know the reason). For him to not keep getting dropped from Scoutbook, he needs to “get on” the roster at my.scouting. Either paper app, online app, or council figure out what got lost where. Until then, he really isn’t registered.

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