Removal of Expired Cub Scout Advancements


Effected May 31, 2022 there were a number of Cub Scout Advancement being retired. When can we expect them to be removed from Scoutbook?

We are receiving a few questions from Den Leaders and parents as they still show up. Our councils’ scoutshop has informed me that they will not be ordering any of them.

As the Advancements Chair and a Den Leader of our Unit, it would be nice to have them removed to eliminated any accidental issues.

Thank you for all you do!


They will not be removed but will be marked Retired. I don’t know when this will happen.

Thank you for the information. I did see they are marked retired. I just wish they was a way to enable the marking off feature. We get many parents cross them off and then get upset when I tell them they are retired and no longer available.

I appreciate your help!