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Remove "Adult Partners" from Pack's Leader Roster

Request for the Leaders Roster to be revised to reflect only those leaders in actual leadership positions (remove Tiger and Lion Adult Partners unless they hold a leadership position).

Our roster currently shows 27 “leaders”, but about a dozen of them are actually Lion/Tiger Adult Partners and don’t hold any other leadership position.

Beyond having the roster reflect reality, there are a few scenarios that this impacts.

  • Sending a message. When attempting to send a message to the unit leaders (even at the den level), you need to either manually select just the actual leadership team, or select all leaders and remove the adult partners.
  • Scheduling calendar events. As with sending a message, when you schedule a leadership event, you need to modify the invitees to not include the Adult Partners for notifications and RSVP purposes.


Adult Partners are not supposed to be placed on the leader roster by Member Update. Can you click on one of these adults then click on the Adult Partner position and let us know if there is anything in the Notes field?

@edavignon I checked through the ones we have listed and none have notes showing they were added by Member Update. The issue is that if the Adult Partner positions are used, they are appearing on the Leader roster. I am requesting that the Leader roster not include them, as there is no reason as to why they should be there.

Some might say not to use these positions at all, but that prevent us from knowing who is the registered adult with the Scout (they do appear in Member Manager).

@MichaelTrotochaud - then a better thing is to present what you would like done with the tiger/lio adult partner adn they will always show up on the roster in MYST.


Since they did not come in from Member Update, there is no bug. You can go through your roster and put an end date on each one and they will be removed from your adult roster. As long as they are connected to their children as Parent/Guardian, you will be able to communicate with them via Scoutbook.

There are units that want the Adult Partners on their roster and since there are only 2 rosters, youth and adult, they are properly on the adult roster if manually added.

@Stephen_Hornak What I would like to have done would be as follows:

  • Adult Partners to be imported with Member Update to ensure that Scoutbook reflects the official roster.
  • Adult Partners to be listed separately from the adult leaders. This is actually how they appear on the charter. When reviewing the charter, adults are listed in one of the following categories: Adult Members, Tiger Adult Partners, Lion Adult Partners. It is possible for an adult partner to appear under Adult Members if they are also holding a registered position.
  • To be able to schedule events and easily select the unit leadership without having to navigate which registered adults are leaders and which are adult partners.
  • To be able to send a message and easily select the unit leadership without having to navigate which registered adults are leaders and which are adult partners.

@edavignon I agree that there is no bug, that is why I posted this as a feature request and not as a bug report. There are two rosters (youth and adult) in Member Manager, but the two rosters in Scoutbook are Leaders and Scouts. In Scoutbook, there are functional reasons for the Leaders roster to reflect the leaders of the unit and not include Adult Partners. At the same time, there is a functional reason to use the Adult Partners role due to the nature of how the Lion and Tiger programs are supposed to be run. Just removing their role would impact how they work within the dens.

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