Remove Scouts from All Patrols

We have a troop of about 60 scouts…
Our SPL and leadership team, has just re-done all the patrols.

So we can set them up, and make sure we have everyone accounted for… I would like to remove EVERY Scout from their currently assigned patrol, so they basically go to an unassigned patrol.

Is there a way to do this, without create a temporary “unassigned” patrol

no there is no function for that @EarlBonovich

@EarlBonovich - if you remove them from patrols then they will all be listed as scouts not assigned to patrols under the list of existing patrols.

Depending on how it’s done, it could result in them disappearing (at least temporarily) from the roster in Scoutbook.

Assuming you are using the same patrols, you should be able to accomplish this by:

  1. Go to Patrol 1 in the Troop Roster page.
  2. Go to the bottom of the patrol roster and select Reassign Scout(s).
  3. Select all of scouts who belong in this patrol, and click Invite. This should transfer the scouts assuming you have Full Control of all of the scouts.
  4. Move to next patrol and repeat steps 2-4 until you run out of patrols.
  5. Backcheck final patrol rosters to see if they match. Make any corrections needed by individually Reassigning Scouts.

That should work. It’s potentially a little time consuming, but doesn’t require removing everyone from their patrols and then reassigning them, so I think it should be faster. The backcheck step at the end should provide the QC.

I agree with @CharleyHamilton - this is exactly how I handled it a few years ago when our PLC reorganized all the patrols. If you do it all correctly the first time, the patrols should all be right after one pass. But I did the double-check anyway just to make sure I didn’t mess anything up.

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Earl, I do not know if troop/patrol membership works the same as pack/den membership. If it does then this may apply to your situation.

I avoid ending a pack/den membership. This ends the scout’s membership in both the pack and den, not just the den. Instead, I transfer the scout to the appropriate den. If I wanted a scout to have a membership in the pack, but not in a den, I would create the new membership before I ended the pack/den membership. (The scout would temporarily have two memberships.) Then they would still show up when viewing the pack. (However, the cub’s advancement won’t work until they are in a den.)

EDIT: Rediscovered this today - Scoutbook does not allow a cub to have two memberships in the same unit. (I don’t know if it allows membership in two different units.) I was not able to restart an ended membership in pack/den while a membership in pack w/o den was active. Remember - when changing memberships around, DO NOT LEAVE THE MEMBERSHIP PAGE WITHOUT AN ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP! The scout will disappear.

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