Removed as Den leader

After I have been removed by admin as den leader “Ended by SB-2882 clean up script that was run Apr 12 2021 11:20PM”. How do I get this cleaned up???

I need to communicated with my scouts!

I would start by having one of your pack key 3 (CM,CC, COR) verify that you are properly listed on your unit’s official roster at as a den leader with the BSA ID that’s in your Scoutbook account. I believe that April 12 was the date when adults without a registered BSA position were removed from adult leadership rosters in Scoutbook.


You can also check for yourself in under menu > my profile and scroll down to see your registrations. If it’s not there, you’re either not registered or you have duplicate accounts that need to be resolved.

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Talk to Council - you have AT LEAST 2 BSA# - 136532844 (parent one) - 13489096 (this was a 2019 Assistant Den Leader) - they can merge them - I searched the whole registration database for Smith with your DOB and only found those 2 that I think could be you

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