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Removed membership of a new member

I have a new scout that I was going to put into a patrol but instead I ended her membership and now I can’t find her. She is not listed as a contact for me to find. Any ideas on how to get her back on Scoutbook?

Was a parent already connected to the scout? That’s usually the easiest way to get it sorted out, at least for me. The parent can add a membership to the scout in her Memberships section, then it will pop up as something that a unit admin needs to approve.

There are some instructions partway down this Scoutbook help entry: https://help.scoutbook.com/knowledge-base/we-entered-an-end-date-and-the-scout-disappeared/

Thanks, I went to the My.scouting and was able to get her member number and add her that way!! Thanks

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An easier way to move Scouts into patrols:

  1. Go to the Patrol page of the new / gaining patrol.
  2. Click on the “Reassign Scout(s)” button
  3. Select the name of the Scout(s) to move to this patrol
  4. Click “Invite”
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